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Air Strut

Air strut is part of the Suspension system. They work in tandem with other suspension components to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride for passengers. Because of their improved performance and longevity, air struts are used in high-end luxury vehicles and are growing in popularity in ordinary automobiles.

Functions of Air Strut

  • Air struts are essentially shock absorbers that use compressed air to cushion the ride. They consist of a piston and cylinder just like a conventional strut. 
  • However, the piston inside an air strut is pressurized with air which provides an additional cushioning effect. 
  • The compressed air is stored in an airbag that is integrated into the strut. When the vehicle hits a bump, the air strut compresses, and the airbag absorbs the shock providing a smooth ride.
  • Air struts also offer other benefits over conventional struts. They provide better ride height control which is especially useful in vehicles that carry heavy loads. 
  • They can also be adjusted to change the vehicle's ride height or stiffness which is useful in off-road vehicles or vehicles used for racing. 
  • Air struts can improve a vehicle's handling and stability by providing better traction and reducing body roll.

Damage can cause

  • Air struts, like any other suspension component, can suffer damage over time due to normal wear and tear or due to an accident. 
  • If an air strut is damaged or leaking it can affect the vehicle's handling ride quality and stability. A damaged air strut can cause the vehicle to bounce or sway excessively and it can also cause uneven tire wear. 
  • It is essential to change a damaged air strut quickly to prevent further damage to the vehicle's suspension system.

Benefits of air strut replacement

  • Replacing a damaged or worn air strut suspension can improve a vehicle's ride quality, handling, and stability. 
  • A new air strut can provide a smoother ride, reduce body roll, and provide better traction. Additionally, it may assist in preventing uneven tire wear and extending the suspension system's lifespan. Moreover, a new air strut can improve the vehicle's appearance by restoring the proper ride height and reducing sagging.

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