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Brake Caliper Set

A Brake Caliper Set is a critical component of the disc brake system that slows down or stops a vehicle. It is a set of two or four calipers that are mounted over the brake rotor and hold the brake pads. 

The caliper set works by squeezing the brake pads against the rotor when the brake pedal is pressed causing the vehicle to slow down or stop. 

Functions of brake caliper set

  • A brake caliper is an essential part of your car's braking system that is crucial to your safety while driving. 
  • It houses the brake pads and applies pressure to them allowing the car to slow down or stop when you press the brake pedal. 
  • A brake caliper set typically includes two calipers one for each front wheel and they work in unison to provide even and effective braking power.

Damage can cause

  • A damaged brake caliper can compromise your car's braking system making it unsafe to drive. 
  • The most common signs of a damaged brake caliper or brake caliper set failure symptoms to include uneven braking a grinding noise when you apply the brakes and the car pulling to one side when you brake and the Brake caliper seized.
  •  If you notice any of these symptoms it's crucial to have your brake caliper set replaced immediately.

The benefits of a brake caliper set replacement

  • Brake caliper set replacement or Replacing your brake caliper set has several advantages, including higher safety, improved braking performance, and reduced brake noise. 
  • A new set of brake calipers can also benefit other brake components such as brake pads and rotors. 
  • A new set of brake calipers can also make your car's handling and stability better making your driving experience smoother and more comfortable.

Why buy from Autobuffy

We at Autobuffy are dedicated to offering our clients affordable auto parts of the highest possible quality. Our brake caliper sets and brake caliper set assembly are manufactured by brands such as TRQ and many others to the highest standards ensuring that they meet or exceed OEM specifications. 

We also have a huge selection and variety of brake caliper sets that may be tailored to fit a wide range of car makes and models guaranteeing that you discover the perfect pair for your vehicle. You may be confident that Autobuffy will provide you with a high-quality dependable product that will keep you safe on the road.