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Brake Drum Set

The brake drum set is a crucial component in your vehicle's braking system. It is responsible for providing the necessary friction to stop your car. Brake drums are a brake assembly type containing the drum brake shoes and other associated parts. If you need to replace your brake drums.

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Functions of Brake Drum Set

  • The brake drum set works by using the frictional force created between the brake shoes and the inner surface of the drum.
  • When you apply the brakes the brake shoes push against the drum creating friction that slows down the car.
  • The drum brake system is designed to distribute heat evenly and prevent brake fade ensuring consistent and reliable braking performance.

Damage can cause

  • A damaged or worn brake drum can cause various issues including reduced braking power, increased stopping distance, brake noise, and even brake failure.
  • A damaged brake drum can also cause uneven brake wear leading to premature replacement of other brake components.

Benefits of drum brake replacement

  • Replacing your brake drum set with a new one can significantly improve your vehicle's braking performance. It can reduce stopping distance improve brake pedal feel, eliminate brake noise, and prevent brake fade.
  • Additionally replacing the brake drums can help extend the life of other brake components such as brake shoes and wheel cylinders.

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