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Brake Rotor Set

The brake system is a component of any vehicle and the brake rotor set plays a vital role in ensuring safe and reliable stopping power. The brake rotor set consists of two brake rotors, one for each front wheel that works in conjunction with the brake pads to slow down and stop the vehicle. For cars, trucks, and SUVs of all make and models, Autobuffy offers a wide selection of brake rotor sets so that our customers can find the right parts.

Functions of Brake Rotor Set:

  • The brake rotor set works by converting the kinetic energy of the vehicle into heat energy which is then dissipated into the surrounding air. 
  • When the brake pedal is applied the brake pads squeeze the rotor creating friction and slowing down the vehicle. 
  • The brake rotor set is designed to handle high temperatures and constant use ensuring reliable and consistent braking performance.

Damage that can be caused

  • Over time, the brake rotor set can wear down due to constant use and exposure to high temperatures. 
  • This can result in warped or cracked brakes rotors and pads reducing the efficiency and effectiveness of the brake system. 
  • Worn brake pads can also cause damage to the rotor as the metal backing plate can wear down and damage the rotor's surface.

Benefits of Replacement

  • Changing brake pads and rotor or replacing the brake rotor set or brakes rotors and pads can improve the overall performance and safety of the brake system. 
  • New rotors can provide better heat dissipation reducing the risk of warping and cracking and ensuring consistent braking performance. 
  • Changing brake pads and rotor or upgraded brake pads can also improve stopping power and reduce brake fade providing a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

Why Buy from Autobuffy

At Autobuffy, we understand the importance of a reliable and efficient brake system. this is the reason why we offer a variety of brake rotor sets, brake pads, front and rear brakes, rotor & brake pad kit, and other brake components from the best brake rotor brands such as TRQ in the industry. 

Buy brake pads and rotors made to the highest standards of quality and reliability ensuring that our customers can enjoy safe and reliable stopping power. We also offer free shipping at your doorstep with easy returns and expert customer support making it easy to find the right parts for your vehicle. Choose Autobuffy for all your brake system needs.