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Motor Oil

Motor oil is a lubricant that is used in internal combustion engines to minimize friction and wear between moving parts. It keeps the engine clean and cool while also preventing corrosion and wear.

The kind and viscosity of motor oil used in a car can affect engine performance and longevity, thus it's critical to use the suggested oil by the automaker.

Why do you need to change the motor oil? 

An oil change is required for a vehicle to maintain good engine lubrication, remove pollutants and particles that accumulate in the oil, and ensure the oil maintains an acceptable viscosity to protect the engine components. 

Oil degrades and loses its capacity to adequately lubricate the engine over time, resulting in increased wear and decreased engine performance. Regular oil changes help to prevent these problems and extend the life of the engine.

What will happen to your car if you don't change the motor oil 

  • If you do not regularly replace or change the oil in your automobile, it will get unclean, thick, and less effective at lubricating the engine. This can result in engine damage, decreased performance, greater wear and tear, and decreased fuel efficiency.
  •  If the oil is not changed on a regular basis, it can cause major harm to the engine, perhaps resulting in costly repairs or even engine failure that means you have to spend so much money on it and this will going to be affecting your debits. 
  • Regular oil changes will assure you that your engine runs smoothly and efficiently, so this is really important to keep an eye on your vehicle maintenance schedule critically.

Types of motor oil

The four major types of motor oil are as follows:

  • Conventional oil: A mineral-based lubricant derived from crude oil that provides basic lubrication and engine protection.
  • Synthetic oil: Made from chemical ingredients, it outperforms regular oil in terms of performance and protection.
  • High Mileage oil: Designed specifically for engines with more than 75,000 miles, it incorporates additives to solve frequent wear and tear issues in older engines.
  • Synthetic Blend oil: This oil is a blend of conventional and synthetic oils that offers a good combination of performance and cost-effectiveness.

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