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Shock Absorber

The Shock Absorber commonly referred to as a dampener is an essential part of the suspension system of a vehicle. Its primary job is to regulate how vertically the wheels move while also absorbing vibrations and bumps to make the ride comfortable.

 The suspension movement's kinetic energy is transformed into heat energy by the shock absorber, which is subsequently dissipated. This lessens the suspension's tendency to rebound and compress too much and keeps the car from bouncing or swaying too much.

Shock absorber parts piston, a cylinder, a valve, and hydraulic fluid are commonly used to create the hydraulic shock absorber. Particularly during cornering and braking, the shock absorber is essential to the stability and control of the car.

Shock Absorber working

  • A shock absorber is mounted between the chassis and the suspension of an automobile. Its purpose is to dampen the vertical movements of the suspension, providing a smooth and controlled ride for the occupants.
  • Shock absorbers work by converting the kinetic energy created by the suspension's vertical movements into thermal energy, which is then dissipated as heat. This process helps to prevent the suspension from bouncing excessively, which can cause the vehicle to lose control and become unstable.
  • The shock absorber consists of a piston that moves up and down within a cylinder filled with oil. As the suspension compresses, the piston pushes the oil through a set of orifices or valves, which creates resistance and slows down the suspension's movement. 
  • As the suspension rebounds, the piston pulls the oil back into the cylinder, which slows down the suspension's movement in the opposite direction.

You can face many issues if your Shock absorber is damaged or broken

The following issues may arise if a vehicle's shock absorber is damaged:

  • Uncomfortable ride: A broken or shock absorber damage can make the ride harsh and uncomfortable for the occupants.
  • Vehicle handling issues: When driving on bumpy or uneven roads, a damaged shock absorber can make the car difficult to drive and cause handling issues.
  • Increased wear on other components: A shock absorber damage can put greater pressure on other suspension system components including tires, springs, and control arms, increasing wear and possibly causing these components to fail.
  • Uneven tire wear: A damaged shock absorber may lead to uneven tire wear, which shortens the life of the tires and may make driving conditions hazardous.
  • increased braking distance: A shock absorber damage can make the vehicle less stable, making it harder to brake and perhaps extending the distance between stops.
  • Reduced fuel efficiency: A damaged shock absorber may make it necessary for the car to expend more energy in order to maintain stability, which lowers the car's fuel economy and raises fuel prices.

In order to prevent these issues and guarantee optimum performance and safety, it is crucial to routinely check and shock absorber repair in a vehicle. If a shock absorber is broken or damaged, you need to be fixed right away or Replace shock absorbers to prevent more issues.

Let Autobuffy help you 

AutoBuffy has a wide range of shock absorbers, shock absorber parts, and shock absorber assemblies. In fact, we have quality parts for most makes and models of shock absorber brands like UNITY, MONROE shock absorbers, FCS, KYB, and many others. Whether you need a single part or a whole kit to get the job done right, we can make it happen. Shock absorbers are an important, yet often overlooked auto part. They are forgotten about until they go bad, anyway. A shock absorber is a crucial part of the suspension of any car.

Your overall suspension system is designed to give you and your passengers a smooth ride. And that is certainly important, as a more comfortable ride leads to less fatigue and a better-rested driver is a safer one. 

On top of this, another reason your suspension system is vital is that it absorbs wear and tear so that the rest of your auto properly functions. All the road vibrations and major hits from things like potholes get taken by a shock absorber. Car troubles of a worse variety, like engine issues, are somewhat prevented by our suspension systems.

Suspension systems, and especially shock absorbers, are the type of things that anyone who is handy with a set of good tools might be able to stay on top of themselves. AutoBuffy has a full line of front and rear shock absorber parts that can help any DIY auto repair enthusiast tackle these problems. If you know what you are doing with your suspension, you could save yourself thousands of dollars in auto shop repair bills. We want to save you money, which is why our parts are offered at competitive prices. Combine the savings from our high-quality parts at a fair price with the labor charged by most garages and you can hold on to your cash while extending the life of your vehicle.

Extend the life of your vehicle with new shock absorbers. Find the shock absorber parts you need on Auto Buffy and have them delivered to your door.