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A strut is an important component of a vehicle's suspension system. It is responsible for supporting the weight of the car maintaining stability and ensuring a smooth ride.

 A strut is a combination of a shock absorber and a spring and is mounted between the wheels and the chassis.

Function of Strut

The function of the strut is to absorb shock and vibrations caused by rough road surfaces. It also helps in maintaining the stability and handling of the car by controlling the movement of the wheels. 

The spring part of the strut compresses and expands as the car goes over bumps or dips in the road absorbing the shock and providing a smooth ride. The shock absorber part of the strut dampens the movement of the spring preventing it from bouncing and maintaining control of the car.

Damage Can Cause

A damaged strut can result in a number of issues for the vehicle leading to strut assembly replacement and its occupants including:

  • Unsafe handling: When driving on uneven ground or making quick turns a vehicle with a damaged strut can have poor handling.
  • Steady ride: A vehicle's unsteady ride can be caused by a damaged strut making it bumpy and uncomfortable for passengers.
  • Tire wear: Tire wear unevenly can result from a damaged strut resulting in a variety of issues including poor traction and handling.
  • Wear on suspension components: Other suspension components may wear out more quickly as a result of a damaged strut resulting in additional issues down the road.
  • Steering issues: Additionally steering issues caused by a damaged strut can make it more challenging to control the vehicle.
  • Risks to safety: Severe strut damage can result in the vehicle losing stability increasing the likelihood of an accident.

Benefits of strut replacement

Replacing a worn or damaged strut is important for maintaining the safety and performance of your vehicle. 

Replace struts with a new strut will provide a smoother ride, better handling, and stability, making your car safer and more enjoyable to drive.

 A new strut will also help to prevent further damage to the suspension system and extend the life of your vehicle.

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