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Suspension Strut Assembly

Suspensions are the unsung heroes of your automobile’s operating systems. While the engine and transmission are more important for operating your car, truck, or van, it's the suspension that defends your ride from the rigors of the road. A huge part of that system is your Suspension strut assembly. You can be forgiven if you don’t know the importance of these parts since there is so much to worry about in a car. 

The suspension strut assembly is a key component of this system that absorbs the impact of bumps and rough roads providing a smooth ride and improving handling. 

Parts of Suspension Strut Assembly

Most automobiles have two sets of assemblies, one in the front and one in the rear. Each is important for supporting the weight of your car or truck as well as providing stability.

 What’s more important, however, is that they both help absorb the shock and punishment a road might throw at your vehicle. Your front strut assembly takes a lot of punishment, make sure you keep it up with the best parts from

While the front of your car takes most of the direct assault that a road can dish out, the rear parts of your suspension are important too. 

If your rear strut assembly is bad, you will notice it. Your car or truck won’t ride as smoothly as it should, and your backseat passengers will bounce around much more than they should.

Suspension strut assembly function

  • A suspension strut assembly includes a shock absorber and a spring that work together to absorb the impact of road bumps and provide a smoother ride. 
  • The strut assembly is designed to mount to the vehicle's body at the top and to the steering knuckle at the bottom. 
  • When the vehicle hits a bump the strut assembly compresses absorbing the shock and reducing the impact felt by the driver and passengers.

Damage can cause

  • Over time, the suspension strut assembly or front strut mount broke can wear out due to regular use and exposure to harsh road conditions. 
  • The shock absorber can leak oil the spring can weaken and the mountings can become damaged or worn. 
  • When this happens, the vehicle's ride quality will suffer and the handling can become compromised. 
  • If left unaddressed worn suspension strut assemblies can also cause excessive tire wear steering and alignment issues and safety concerns.

Benefits of suspension strut assembly replacement

Replacing worn suspension strut assemblies can provide several benefits including:

  • Improved ride quality and handling.
  • Better control of the vehicle in rough road conditions.
  • Enhanced safety for drivers and passengers.
  • Reduced tire wear and alignment issues.
  • Better overall performance and longevity of the suspension system.

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