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Wheel Hub

The wheel hub is a crucial part of any vehicle that helps connect the wheels to the axle. It supports the wheel assembly and allows for smooth movement while driving. The hub also houses the wheel bearings, which help reduce friction and heat caused by the rotation of the wheel.

Functions of Wheel Hub

  • The components of wheel hub assembly comprise various parts, including bearings, seals, and bolts. 
  • The wheel bearing is one of the most critical components of the hub assembly as it facilitates smooth and efficient wheel rotation. 
  • The wheel hub also provides stability to the wheel, reducing vibration while driving. 
  • The hub assembly also helps in maintaining the correct position of the wheel and keeps it aligned with the vehicle's body.

Damage can cause

A damaged wheel hub can lead to several problems and signs of bad wheel hub, such as excessive vibration, steering problems, and uneven tire wear. A bad wheel hub can also cause a significant safety hazard as it can lead to the wheel coming off while driving. Signs of bad wheel hub include unusual noises from the wheel, loose steering, and uneven tire wear.

Benefits of Replacement

Replacing a damaged or worn-out wheel hub is essential for ensuring your vehicle's safety and performance. A new wheel hub can help reduce vibration, ensure smooth wheel rotation, and prevent tire wear. It can also improve your vehicle's overall handling and stability while driving.

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