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A good sight of the road is essential for safe and stress-free driving. Although it may seem simple, the wiper blade may have has a significant impact on safety and comfort. 

The wiper blade of a car can make your sight of the road optimal, comfortable, and brighter while driving in any situation and weather condition. they enhance the safety protection for you and others on the road ahead whether it, raining, snowing, or even dark.

What is the Function of a Wiper Blade

A Vehicles wiper blades must always fulfill the legal requirement for appropriate all-around visibility, guaranteeing driver protection on the road in a variety of situations. Therefore, the wiper blade is an important part and  must meet the following standards:

  • The wiper blade must be giving a clear view of the road to the driver and also needs to meet the legal requirements to make sure that the driver can see the road signals and the road sign at the edge of the road properly.
  • The wiper blade should clean the raindrops, particles of snow, and dust without any damage or scratch from the windscreen of any vehicle.
  • The efficiency of the wipers must guarantee that stray light from incoming cars and the blinding impact associated with it are avoided to the greatest extent practicable.

What can happen if the wiper blade gets damaged in any vehicle?

If the wiper blades on a vehicle become damaged or if the wiper blade not wiping properly, several wiper blade issues can occur, including:

  • Streaking or smearing of the windshield: Damaged wiper blades or if the wiper blade fell off it may not make proper contact with the windshield, leaving streaks or smears that can impede visibility.
  • Noisy operation: Worn or damaged blades may make a chattering or squeaking wiper blade noise as they move across the windshield.
  • Reduced visibility in bad weather: Damaged wiper blades may not be able to clear rain, snow, or other debris from the windshield, making it difficult to see while driving in bad weather.
  • Scratching of the windshield: Worn or damaged wiper blades can scratch the windshield, causing damage that can be costly to repair.
  • Reduced lifespan of the wiper motor: Damaged wiper blades can put extra strain on the wiper motor, causing it to wear out more quickly.

It is important to regularly inspect and maintain the wiper blades on a vehicle to ensure they are in good working condition. If the wiper blades appear worn or damaged, they should be wiper blade replacement as soon as possible to avoid the wiper blade issues listed above and to ensure safe driving conditions.

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