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Brake Caliper

The brake caliper is a key part of a vehicle's braking system. They manage the stopping power of the wheels from turning by clamping down on the brake rotor. Brake calipers are an essential component of the brake system in a vehicle. 

Brake caliper function

  • Brake calipers work by converting hydraulic pressure into mechanical force.
  •  When the driver presses the brake pedal the brake fluid flows and passes through the brake lines to the calipers. 
  • Inside the caliper, the fluid applies pressure to the piston which then squeezes the brake pads onto the rotor creating friction that slows down the vehicle's wheels.

Brake caliper damage can cause:

  • Over time, brake calipers can wear out become damaged, or fail to lead to brake failure, which can be dangerous. 
  • Common problems with brake calipers include leaks sticking pistons and worn-out brake pads. These issues can result in uneven brake wear, decreased braking performance, and even a complete loss of braking ability.

Benefits of brake caliper replacement:

  • Replacing damaged or worn-out brake calipers with new ones from Autobuffy can have several benefits.
  • It should be in mind that approximately 100,000 miles should pass before your brake calipers need replacement. They are not a part that needs to be replaced frequently. If you are aware of any potential warning signs, your brake system will continue to operate efficiently. The greatest approach to guarantee the security of your passengers and the efficient running of your car is to do this.
  •  It can improve braking performance, increase safety, and prevent further damage to other components of the braking system. 
  • New brake calipers can also decrease the danger of brake failure which can be a significant safety concern, especially for drivers of heavy vehicles.

Why buy from Autobuffy:

Autobuffy offers a wide range of high-quality brake calipers and brake caliper assemblies from top brake caliper brands like TRQ that are designed to fit various vehicles. Their parts are made from premium materials and undergo testing to make sure their durability and performance. Autobuffy also provides free fast shipping, and the easiest return policy making it easy for customers to find the right brake calipers for their vehicles and have them installed quickly and efficiently.